E-Procurement system for corporate booksellers and library suppliers: Books, journals and other media.

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About Newbooks.biz

Newbooks.biz is the standard E-Procurement platform for both booksellers and publishers. The one-stop service optimizes procurement and administration processes, manage increasingly complex workflows at your customers' side, makes data accessible via interfaces and helps to control costs effectively.

Corporate booksellers as well as Library suppliers offer their B2B customers an efficient and web-based E-Procurement System for the ordering of books, journals and other media.

E-Procurement System
Supplying Corporate Customers, Libraries and Public Administration

 With the E-Procurement system Newbooks.biz, we have an ideal procurement solution for our corporate customers that enables us to efficiently organize the orders of all media, either centrally or remotely, according to customer requirements. By searching in comprehensive national and international catalogues, our corporate clients can search relevant media, order them immediately and automatically update their integrated company library. Also, subscriptions can be managed very easily and transparently with the system. 

Jürgen Kautz CEO

 We are happy to list our publications in the NEWBOOKS Catalogues to be presented in numerous approval plans, eProcurement systems, new title alerts as well as comprehensive and enrichted catalogue data exports for library suppliers and corporate booksellers worldwide. 

Vanessa de Bueger International Sales & Marketing Director
Amsterdam University Press

Booksellers' one-stop service for B2B clients

  • Secure attractive sales potentials for your B2B business
  • Boost your service competence for corporate customers

Comprehensive Catalogues for Books, Journals & Online Databases

Fast and efficient search and discovery of up to date and enriched bibliographic data

Web-based System incl. Rights Management

  • No installation needed
  • Low investment costs
  • Rights and role management

High Adaptability

  • Integration of booksellers' ERP
  • Integration of clients' ERP system
  • Standard SAP interfaces

With Newbooks.biz you offer your corporate clients and libraries an efficient eProcurement solution for books, journals and other media.

The one-stop service not only offers comprehensive catalogue search and ordering of international books and other media, but also the management of titles and subscriptions of your clients' in-house inventories. Furthermore, your customers‘ ERP systems as well as your own can be connected to the system.

As standard catalogues Newbooks.biz contains NEWBOOKS Catalogues for books, journals and online databases. Other catalogues as Libri International as well as Libri Digital are available, too.

Newbooks.biz strengthens not only your service and consulting competence for your regular customers but also your company’s ability to remain competitive in future tenders.

Key Features

  • Search in Comprehensive Catalogues (more than 10 mio English publications)
  • Administration of B2B Customers
  • Representation of In-House Inventory
  • Subscription Management
  • Rights Management
  • Connectivity for Booksellers' and Clients' ERP
  • SAP Connectivity and Market Place Integration (Punchout Catalogues)
  • Approval Plan System for Aquisition Librarians
  • New Title Alerts System
  • Budget Control & Reporting
    - Order survey and history
    - Allocation to internal cost centres and cost accounts (incl. reporting)
    - Allocation of budgets for departments / cost centres
    - Creation of specific reporting periods
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